Delaware Valley University CLR

Delaware Valley University - Center for Learning in Retirement (CLR)

Thanks to the Bucks County Area on Aging and the Delaware Valley CLR Program, senior center members can register for virtual CLR courses to view at home.  There are new 2023 guidelines for this program, please contact the senior center at 215-357-8199 for details and to register.

NOTE: This program is open to senior center members who have NOT been a paid CLR participant in the past.  Prior paid CLR members must register directly with the Delaware Valley University - CLR Program.  The Delaware Valley University CLR Program will contact the center and remove an applicant from registered classes if that applicant was a prior CLR member.

*NOTE: Instructors may ask students to purchase reading material, class/program supplies or print course paperwork at home. The senior center is unable to provide funds for these items.  Thank you.